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Good habits start early. The sooner your children learn proper dental hygiene, the more likely they are to practice excellent dental hygiene for the rest of their lives. Dr. Benjamin J. Crowley at Brightwork Family Dentistry provides pediatric dentistry services to residents in and around the Richmond, Virginia area.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

When should I bring my child to see Dr. Crowley?

Make an appointment for Dr. Crowley to see your child around the time he or she turns 3 years old, which is the recommended age when children begin learning the importance of oral care and dental hygiene. Dr. Crowley specializes in pediatric dental care as an important part of overall health and works patiently to ensure each child is comfortable in the dentist chair. Dr. Crowley and his team of highly-skilled hygienists work carefully with pediatric patients to put them -- and you -- at ease.

How should I take care of my child’s teeth before the first dental appointment?

Dr. Crowley begins seeing toddlers at the age of 3, so you're responsible for setting an example for daily oral care by ensuring your child’s teeth are brushed regularly. Always use a soft-bristle toothbrush, especially for infants and toddlers, to remove plaque and bacteria that causes teeth and gums to decay. This should be done at bedtime for maximum effectiveness.

How important are my child’s baby teeth if they’re going be replaced by permanent teeth anyway?

The short answer is, “extremely important.” Primary teeth -- or baby teeth -- help youngsters learn how to speak and chew correctly. During this time, you should closely monitor your child’s habits, so that you can inform Dr. Crowley of any concerns you might have concerning permanent teeth when they start to come in.

Will breastfeeding or bottle feeding cause tooth decay?

Both breastmilk and formula contain sugar and many parents may be familiar with what’s commonly called ‘baby bottle tooth decay.’ It is important to maintain good dental and overall health from the beginning to prevent tooth decay in young children. Provided your infant or toddler is getting the proper nutrients and that you brush his or her teeth daily, you shouldn’t experience any problems before your toddler’s first appointment with Dr. Crowley. Always brush your child’s teeth at bedtime to get optimal results. Call or schedule your child’s dental appointment online with Dr. Crowley. The practice is currently welcoming new patients and accepts most major forms of insurance.