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If you’re frequently bothered by toothaches or extreme sensitivity, you may be a candidate for a root canal. A root canal is designed to relieve you of pain, not cause it. Dr. Benjamin J. Crowley at Brightwork Family Dentistry provides root canal treatments to patients in and around Richmond, Virginia.

Root Canal

What is a root canal?

Beneath the surface of your tooth -- the root -- pulp extends into the bone. That pulp consists of blood vessels and nerves, and when the pulp is infected or inflamed, it causes pain that radiates into the root of your tooth, making your tooth extremely sensitive. The goal of a root canal is to remove the inflamed or infected pulp to cure the root cause of your toothache. Using endodontic treatment that reaches the inside of the tooth, Dr. Crowley will replace the inflamed, infected pulp with a sturdy material less susceptible to infection or decay.

How long will it take to perform a root canal?

It can take up to three office visits. During you initial consultation, Dr. Crowley examines the area of your pain and determines whether a root canal is the proper treatment method and will explain the procedure to you step by step. It takes at least two office visits to complete the procedure. After the consultation, the next office visit will be to perform the internal treatment where he removes the inflamed or infected pulp. Dr. Crowley will then measure you for a crown that will seal the area for additional protection from further decay. Your final office visit will include restoring your tooth with a crown or filling, after which you’re back to normal.

Going down to the root of my tooth sounds painful. Are there any alternatives?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Crowley, explain your anxiety or fear associated with dental procedures. You might be a candidate for sedation during the root canal procedure. Sedation can relax you enough so that Dr. Crowley can perform the procedure without you getting overly anxious or fearful. Given that root canals attack substances below the tooth surface, an alternative treatment is unlikely. Call or schedule your root canal online at Brightwork Family Dentistry.