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Regular teeth cleaning is the first preventive step to maintaining strong teeth and healthy gums. Dr. Benjamin J. Crowley at Crowley Dentistry educates patients in Richmond, Virginia on the importance of good dental hygiene and teeth cleaning and the role it plays in their overall health.

Teeth Cleaning Q & A

How do I prepare for a teeth cleaning?

Before Dr. Crowley or his assistant begin your scheduled teeth cleaning, they'll ask you some questions about your previous dental care, such as how often you get your teeth cleaned, and whether you have ever had gum disease. They'll also ask you questions about your overall health, any changes to your health since your last visit, and family medical history. It is also recommended that you brush and floss your teeth prior to your appointment.

If I regularly brush and floss, why do I need the dentist to clean my teeth?

Dentists recommend teeth cleaning every 6 months to maintain good oral health. Brushing and flossing every day are great habits, but the teeth cleaning at Crowley Dentistry helps to prevent gum disease and other medical problems like heart disease and diabetes. Once you’re in Dr. Crowley’s dentist chair, you'll get a deep cleaning that removes all the tartar and plaque from your teeth that you can't remove during simple brushing and flossing. Removing tartar and plaque buildup is critical for healthy teeth and gums.

Isn’t removing tartar and plaque buildup painful?

If you’ve never had your teeth professionally cleaned, you might feel a little discomfort, but it’s only because your teeth and gums have never been scraped with dental instruments. When Dr. Crowley or his hygienist cleans your teeth, they have to reach spots that you can't get to with your toothbrush -- between the teeth and gums. If you experience extreme discomfort, just let Dr. Crowley know.

After the cleaning, will Dr. Crowley be able to give me a prognosis concerning my risk for gum disease?

Once the deep cleaning is completed at your appointment, Dr. Crowley will carefully examine your teeth and gums for any underlying issues or concerns. By measuring the “pocket” between your tooth and the surrounding gum, Dr. Crowley can estimate whether you have perfectly healthy teeth and gums, or whether your gums are showing signs of gingivitis or periodontitis. Regardless of your oral health, teeth cleaning is a step in the right direction.