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Healthy teeth and gums result from regular brushing and flossing, and periodic dentist visits to detect problems before they become serious. There are times when gum disease and tooth decay might go unnoticed if you fall behind on dental appointments or if you postpone dentist visits due to fear or anxiety. A visit to Dr. Benjamin J. Crowley at Brightwork Family Dentistry, located in Richmond, Virginia, can help you find out whether you have gum disease or if you need other dental procedures, such as dental implants.


What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a gum disease that can be prevented with good oral hygiene -- regular brushing, flossing, and regularly schedule dentist office visits for cleanings and examinations. Healthy gums are firm, fit tightly around teeth, and are light pink in color. Gingivitis indicates an early stage of periodontal disease and results in red, inflamed gums that may bleed when you brush or floss your teeth. The most common cause of gingivitis is poor oral hygiene, which leads to plaque forming on teeth. The good news is that Dr. Crowley can help you reverse gingivitis since it hasn’t progressed to the severe stage of periodontal disease. If you notice any symptoms of gingivitis, call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Crowley.

What is periodontitis?

When you reach the stage of periodontitis, it means you haven’t taken the necessary steps to prevent gingivitis. You’re now at a serious stage where the plaque is invading the area of your mouth below your gums. While there are several stages of periodontitis, Dr. Crowley will examine your mouth to find out the seriousness of periodontal disease so you can receive effective treatment.

What is the treatment for periodontitis?

The most aggressive forms of periodontitis result in loss of teeth and bone, and in some cases, mouth lesions. In some cases, patients with advanced stages may have to have teeth removed and use dental implants or dentures. There are some non-surgical, early-stage periodontal treatments, though, such as scaling and root planing. If you’re a candidate for scaling and root planing, the key to keeping periodontitis at bay and preventing the disease is to maintain good oral hygiene, which Dr. Crowley will discuss during your treatment. Call or schedule your appointment online at Brightwork Family Dentistry. The practice is currently welcoming new patients and accepts most major forms of insurance.