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The Benefits of Removable and Partial Dentures

 Missing teeth can make life difficult, both in terms of confidence and quality of life. It can even affect the rest of your oral health. Brightwork Family Dentistry provides people like you with state-of-the-art dental treatments to help improve your smile. There are several options to replace teeth, depending on the number of remaining healthy teeth you have and where the gaps are located. Dr. Benjamin J. Crowley and his trusted team are here to tell you the benefits of opting for removable and partial dentures.

Complete and partial dentures

There are two types of removable dentures. Complete dentures are best suited if you are missing most of your teeth. If you’re only missing some teeth, partial dentures may be better for you. There are alternatives to dentures such as dental implants and bridges, but they can be more expensive, especially if you have a lot of tooth loss. 

Dentures are unique to you

Dentures are custom-made in a dental laboratory. Dr. Crowley takes expert impressions of your mouth and sends them to the laboratory to make dentures that are right for you. The impressions will need to be adjusted quite a few times, therefore you would need to come in for a visit once every week until the denture is completed.

While complete dentures typically sit on an acrylic base that is fit over your gums, partial dentures rest on a metal framework attached to your natural teeth. Sometimes crowns may be added to your natural teeth to hold your dentures steady. 

You don’t have to go out without teeth

There are also immediate dentures. After extracting your teeth, normally, you need to wait a few months before you can begin wearing dentures. Fortunately, immediate dentures are ready right away. You will probably need a few more relines than traditional dentures, but the benefit is you don’t have to go without teeth. You may also use an immediate partial denture as your gums heal before you get a bridge. 

Dentures are easy to get used to

After you first get your dentures they may feel awkward and may even cause sores on your gums. It takes a few weeks for your mouth and cheeks to get used to your new dentures. Once they do, you will be able to speak, eat, and smile like always. 

Partial dentures are easier to adjust to, and they even add support to your natural teeth. 

Modern dentures look real

Unlike dentures of years ago, modern dentures look and feel more real. They are made of advanced and natural-looking materials. An adhesive can be added to keep dentures firm as you wear them. They can be adjusted to have the right fit, even as your mouth changes shape as you age. 

Despite all the benefits of complete and partial dentures, they aren’t for everyone. To find out if you are a good candidate for removable dentures, please book an appointment with Brightwork Family Dentistry by phone or online.

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