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Who Is a Candidate for Clear Correct?

Your smile is one of your best assets when it comes to making a first impression. But if yours is less than perfect, you may be keeping your mouth closed. That can be a blow to your confidence. 

You can fix your teeth with metal braces, but traditional orthodontic treatments can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, there’s another way to correct your smile quickly and discreetly. 

At Brightwork Family Dentistry, Dr. Benjamin Crowley and Dr. Diane Iachini improve your smile with our comprehensive solutions, including Clear Correct aligners. Here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary orthodontic treatment. 

An overview of Clear Correct

The Clear Correct system is a popular treatment for malocclusion or incorrect positioning of the teeth. It involves a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually adjust and straighten your smile over time. 

We customize these aligners to fit your mouth comfortably by taking detailed 3-D digital scans of your teeth. They’re clear and virtually invisible, meaning you can correct your smile in a matter of months without metal and wire braces. Nobody will be able to notice you are wearing them! 

Candidates for Clear Correct

Clear Correct may sound like a simple solution to your smile struggles, but it’s not for everyone. Ask yourself these questions before considering Clear Correct. 

Does your crooked smile cause other health problems?

Crooked teeth are often more than a cosmetic issue. They also increase your risk of gum disease, cavities, and other oral health problems because your teeth can be difficult to brush and floss.

With Clear Correct, you can straighten your smile while simultaneously improving your oral health. 

Are your alignment problems severe?

Clear Correct is an effective solution for most bite, spacing, and positioning issues. But it isn’t the best choice for every malocclusion. For example, severe jaw misalignments may not be correctable with Clear Correct aligners. We conduct a thorough review of your teeth and recommend the treatment option that’s best for you. 

Are you self-conscious about wearing metal braces?

If the thought of wearing metal braces as an adult makes you cringe, then Clear Correct may be an option for you. 

These clear aligners are so subtle that they often go completely unnoticed by those around you. Clear Correct lets you address your smile problems without announcing it to the world. 

Are you disciplined?

With metal braces, there’s not much you need to do after they’re secured onto your teeth. With Clear Correct aligners, you have to follow our instructions carefully to get the results you want. 

You must wear your aligners for 22 hours every day, only taking them out to eat and clean your teeth. We also send you home with detailed care instructions for your aligners. For example, you must brush your teeth after eating to avoid staining your aligners. 

You’ll also need to schedule and keep regular check-up appointments with our team roughly every six weeks, depending on your needs. 

Failure to adhere to these instructions could result in prolonged treatment and more money spent in the long run.

If you’d like more information or want to find out if Clear Correct is right for you, call our Richmond, Virginia, office at 804-215-4673, or request an appointment online.

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